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Libby Banks

Estate Planning Attorney

You can choose what happens to your estate with,
proper planning, or you can let the government
choose for you. Avoid probate. Contact us for a
free estate planning consultation.

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Who Needs Estate Planning?

Many people don’t think the words “estate planning” apply to them. This misconception probably comes from the word “estate.” It makes people think of LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS and the massive estates in Beverly Hills and the French Riviera owned by the ultra-wealthy.

But this is simply not the case. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “estate” as “all of the things a person owns.” So your estate is the sum total of your stuff: your home, your cars, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, your boat, jewelry, artwork, coin collection and any other personal property. Whether it’s large or small, nearly all adults have an estate of some kind. And if you don’t plan for it, you won’t have to worry . . . the government has a plan for you. It just may not be the plan you want.

What young families should realize is that their “estate” also includes the life insurance policies they took out to protect their children. While it’s just a bill you must pay each month now, it could someday be the most significant asset in your estate. Planning for how it should be managed in order to protect and provide for your growing children is crucial, and not something that should be put off.

Estate Planning

Get the plan you want which is most suitable to your needs!

Asset Protection

Creating an entity for your estate provides flexibility and protection.

Last Will & Testament

Describe who will receive your property after your passing.

Revocable Living Trust

Perhaps the best legal tool there is to help you avoid probate.

Other Trusts

Besides the Revocable Living Trust, other trusts may be part of your estate plan.

Avoid Probate

You can choose what happens to your estate or the government can choose for you.

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Our Passion Is Helping You And Your Family

The estate plan we design for you will assure that your heirs have a smooth transition in wrapping up your estate, avoid family fights, and pay as little tax as possible. It will also ensure that your family can easily step in to care for you in case you become incapacitated.

Libby Banks is a uniquely qualified estate planning lawyer that can help prepare the right estate plan specifically for you. Call us today to get started.

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Book an appointment for a free, no-obligation estate planning consultation to discuss your estate needs in understandable terms and in a friendly environment.

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Free Seminars

Busting The Myths Of Estate Planning

This popular seminar helps families and individuals learn the value of estate planning and protecting their assets. Watch for other seminars and events too.

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What Clients Are Saying About Our Estate Planning Services

Real clients provide testimonials about their estate planning experiences with Libby Banks.

Client Testimonial

Kelly Henderson describes her experience with the Law Office of Libby Banks.

She was so pleasant to work with and completed documents in a timely manner.

Cherie M | Client

Libby Banks and her team were incredible. They are organized and efficient.

Allison H | Client

If you are looking for an honest, reliable and hardworking team to help you with your families trusts and wills, look no further!

Patrick H | Client

The Law Office of Libby Banks is fantastic! Thanks Libby!

Elliot | Client

Look no further for your Estate Planning needs. The Law Office of Libby Banks is like a law firm unlike any other.

Tyler A | Client

Libby was a great help to my wife and me in setting up our Living Trust and other appropriate legal documents.

Mike R. | Client

Libby has done a great job educating us on different options for us, is reasonably priced, and super friendly.

Kelly | Client

I was very pleased and got good advice. I couldn't have made a better choice.

Patricia | Client

Libby did a will and trust for us, she was very thorough and detailed. Fantastic experience. We love Libby.

Blake & Brandi | Clients

I would highly recommend the Law Office of Libby Banks for your estate plan.

Bruce | Client

Libby is a good attorney, brilliant, kind, knowledgeable and loves dogs!

Tom | Client

Libby's seminar helped me understand quickly why you'd even need an estate plan at 29.

Tom & Claire | Clients

Peer Review: I refer people to Libby because I trust that she'll get the work done for them.

Jeffery | Business Lawyer

We met Libby at one of her estate planning seminars and were very impressed with her.

Mike | Client

Libby understood what our concerns were and she's very knowledgeable.

Gayle | Client

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    At the Law Office of Libby Banks, our passion is helping families. Your estate plan will assure that your family is able to easily step in to care for you if you become incapacitated, and that your estate is distributed the way you want on your death. Our blog and social media frequently publishes information that can help you protect your estate.

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    Let us help plan for your family’s bright future and get the plan that you want without the government intervening. Contact us today.