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The Law Office of Libby Banks near Phoenix, Arizona, understands that estate planning is an essential part of securing your family’s future. Preparing a comprehensive and legally sound last will and testament is crucial for ensuring the smooth distribution of your property, money, and possessions to your loved ones. In this article, we will walk you through the main sections of a will, providing helpful tips and guidance to make the process easier. Our goal is to give you a better understanding of the importance of estate planning and how we can help you achieve peace of mind.

Preparing your Last Will and Testament

The first step in drafting your will is to introduce yourself and declare your intentions. As your experienced attorneys near Phoenix, Arizona, we will help you establish the purpose of the document, confirm your mental capacity, and revoke any prior wills. By doing this, you are ensuring that your final testament will be legally recognized in probate court and that your wishes will be respected after your death.

Executor of the Will

Choosing a trustworthy executor is crucial for the proper administration of your estate. The Law Office of Libby Banks will guide you in appointing a suitable person to manage your assets and fulfill your wishes as specified in the will. Our lawyers will also help you address any compensation for the executor’s services and provide them with the necessary information to navigate the probate process in Arizona.


The Law Office of Libby Banks will help you identify the beneficiaries of your estate, ensuring that your property, money, and possessions are distributed according to your wishes. Our experienced attorneys will assist you in specifying any conditions or restrictions tied to the inheritance, as well as including provisions for contingent beneficiaries, in case the primary beneficiaries predecease you.

Distribution of Assets

You will create a detailed inventory of all your assets, including real estate, financial accounts, personal property, and other valuable items. We will then provide a checklist on how to divide these assets among your beneficiaries through payable on death designations, beneficiary deeds, transfer on death designations, etc., addressing any specific bequests to individuals or organizations.

Disposition of Property

Handling the disposition of property is a crucial aspect of estate planning. Our lawyers will guide you through the management and transfer of real property, addressing any jointly-owned property and rights of survivorship. We will also include provisions for the sale of property, if applicable, ensuring that the transition of your real estate holdings is smooth and stress-free for your family.

Disposition of Debts

As part of our comprehensive estate planning services, we will address your concerns regarding repayment of any outstanding debts, expenses, and taxes. After you’re gone, our team will ensure that your executor has the necessary information to handle your liabilities in accordance with Arizona law and provide instructions for dealing with any remaining debt that cannot be paid from the estate’s assets during the probate or estate administration process.

Funeral Arrangements

Planning for your funeral, burial, or cremation is an essential part of the estate planning process. Our compassionate attorneys will help you detail your preferred arrangements and specify any pre-paid funeral plans or insurance policies. We will also direct your executor to cover funeral expenses from the estate’s assets, relieving your family of financial stress during an emotional time.

Guardianship of Minors

If you have minor children, appointing a guardian is of utmost importance. Our team will assist you in naming a suitable guardian and alternate, providing provisions for the financial support and care of your children. We understand that this decision is deeply personal and will support you every step of the way.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney allows a trusted individual to make decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated. Our lawyers will help you appoint a suitable agent and specify the powers granted to them, including financial and medical decision-making. We will also address any limitations or restrictions on the agent’s authority, ensuring that your wishes are respected even when you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

Final Wishes and Instructions

The Law Office of Libby Banks will assist you in providing any additional instructions, wishes, or sentiments in your last will and testament. This may include provisions for digital assets and online accounts, as well as any other personal requests. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your unique wishes are clearly articulated and that your will is a comprehensive and legally sound document.


We are dedicated to providing personalized estate planning services to our clients. Our experienced attorneys understand the intricacies of Arizona probate law and are committed to helping you create a will that accurately reflects your wishes and protects your family’s future.


Whether you are in need of a simple will or a more complex estate plan involving trusts, our team is here to help. We offer consultations to address your unique needs, answer your questions, and guide you through the process. Our goal is to make estate planning as stress-free as possible while ensuring that your assets, property, and loved ones are cared for according to your wishes.


If you or a loved one are in need of estate planning services in Phoenix, or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact the Law Office of Libby Banks. Our experienced and compassionate team is ready to help you make informed decisions and create a last will and testament that will stand up in probate court, ensuring a smooth transition for your family and friends. Give us a call today at 602-375-6752 or visit our website, libbybanks.com, to schedule a consultation and start securing your family’s future.

Last Will and Testament FAQs

Q: What is the role of a trustee or executor in estate planning?

A: The role of a trustee or executor is to manage the assets of the deceased and fulfill their wishes as specified in the will or trust. They are responsible for handling the distribution of assets, paying outstanding debts, and ensuring that the estate is administered correctly. Our skilled estate planning attorneys can offer advice and assistance in selecting a suitable executor and providing them with the necessary information to navigate the probate process.

Q: Why is it important to have a lawyer involved in the estate planning process?

A: Having a lawyer involved in the estate planning process ensures that your will is legally sound and accurately reflects your wishes. Our experienced estate planning attorneys can provide valuable advice, help you address potential issues, and create a comprehensive document that will stand up in probate court, providing peace of mind for you and your family members.

Q: Can The Law Office of Libby Banks assist with the guardianship of minors?

A: Yes, our estate planning attorneys can offer guidance and assistance in appointing suitable guardians for minor children. We can help you consider various factors, such as the guardian’s relationship to the child, their ability to provide financial support and care, and any alternate guardians in case the primary guardian is unable to fulfill their responsibilities.

Q: What happens if there are issues with the content of a will?

A: If there are issues or disputes regarding the content of a will, it is crucial to seek the advice of an experienced estate planning attorney, such as our attorneys at The Law Office of Libby Banks. We can help you navigate the legal complexities, provide guidance on how to address the situation, and ensure that your rights are protected.

Q: How can your estate planning attorneys help in cases of multiple beneficiaries?

A: In cases where multiple beneficiaries are involved, our estate planning attorneys can offer valuable advice to the executor in dividing assets fairly and according to the testator’s wishes. We can also help address any potential issues or conflicts between beneficiaries, ensuring that the estate is distributed smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

Q: What should I consider when planning for my own passing?

A: When planning for your own passing, it is essential to consult with knowledgeable estate planning attorneys who can guide you through the process. We can help you create a comprehensive will, designate guardians for minor children, appoint a suitable trustee or executor, and address any other issues or concerns that may arise. By working with a qualified firm, you can ensure that your family members are cared for and your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

About Phoenix, AZ

Situated in Maricopa County, Phoenix is Arizona’s capital and a city teeming with life and culture. Its unique blend of Southwestern and Native American influences contributes to the diverse atmosphere that attracts visitors from all corners of the world. Phoenix boasts a multitude of attractions that celebrate its history, natural beauty, and artistic landscape.


For those interested in exploring the rich cultural tapestry of Phoenix, the Heard Museum is an excellent destination. This renowned institution is dedicated to showcasing Native American art and culture. Additionally, the Desert Botanical Garden allows visitors to experience the region’s fascinating flora in a tranquil setting, while the city’s thriving art scene offers an array of galleries, theaters, and music venues.


Phoenix is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, providing easy access to stunning landscapes and recreational activities. Adventurers can hike or bike through the scenic trails of Camelback Mountain and South Mountain Park and Preserve, while golfers can enjoy the numerous pristine courses throughout the city. As a thriving Southwestern cultural hub, Phoenix is a destination that offers countless opportunities for discovery and excitement.


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