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Upcoming Event: Intentional Aging, Presented by Panel of Experts With Attorney Travis Meyers

As we age, we start to wonder about the future. We wonder if we are destined to get dementia. We wonder if we have properly prepared for retirement, or what will happen if we cannot handle our own affairs. We wonder what our healthcare will look like. Instead of wondering, join our panel of experts in learning how to age intentionally and take action to care for your future self now. Our very own Travis Meyers, estate planning attorney, will be on the panel for this event. He will discuss how you can strategically plan for managing your finances and healthcare...

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Estate Planning for Incapacity

In my previous article I have reminded you that estate planning isn’t just about who will get your assets on your death, it’s also about who will manage your assets and take care of you and your financial affairs if you become incapacitated. With proper planning, you decide; without proper planning a court may get to make the choice. What do we mean by “incapacitated?” Generally speaking, we are referring to a situation where you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Incapacity can result from an accident or arise from health issues, such as stroke, heart attack or dementia. If...

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