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As a prominent law firm serving Arcadia, Arizona, The Law Office of Libby Banks is committed to supporting our clients through the intricate process of estate planning and probate. We also extend our expertise to matters involving trusts, powers of attorney, and concerns related to guardianship of your children. Among the many essential documents we frequently assist clients with is the living will. This crucial document ensures that your medical preferences are honored, especially in regard to end-of-life choices. The information provided below will examine the fundamentals of living wills, the responsibilities of a living will lawyer, and the legal specifications in Arizona. Additionally, we will offer guidance on selecting the appropriate attorney and preparing for a consultation with our knowledgeable team.

What Is a Living Will?

A living will refers to a document that is legally binding. Its purpose is to delineate your healthcare wishes in case you become incapacitated. The difference between a living will and a last will and testament is that a last will and testament concentrates on the allocation of your assets and inheritance after your death, while a living will focuses exclusively on your medical care and end-of-life choices. For example, a living will can indicate if you wish to be placed on life support in case of a coma or your preferences for pain management. Possessing a living will allows you to provide your family and physicians with definitive instructions regarding your wishes, alleviating their burden during challenging times.


Furthermore, a living will can complement other estate planning documents, such as a durable power of attorney and living trust, to create a comprehensive estate plan. This guarantees that both your healthcare and financial matters are managed according to your desires.

The Role of a Living Will Lawyer

At The Law Office of Libby Banks, our responsibility is to assist you in drafting and reviewing your living will, making sure it aligns with Arizona’s legal standards. We recognize the significance of having a document that accurately conveys your healthcare preferences, and we offer the necessary guidance to help you make well-informed decisions. Our proficient living will lawyer will also ensure that your living will is correctly executed and stored for easy retrieval by your family, agents, and physicians when required. Moreover, we can provide counsel on related issues, such as durable powers of attorney, guardianship, and living trusts, to establish a comprehensive estate plan.

The Importance of a Living Will

Creating a living will is important for several reasons. Primarily, it guarantees that your healthcare and end-of-life choices are respected, even if you cannot express them yourself. This can give both you and your loved ones peace of mind, knowing that your desires will be honored. Additionally, a living will can help avert potential disputes among family members by clearly stating your preferences. This can be particularly valuable in cases where family members may hold differing opinions on the type of care or treatment you should receive.

How to Select an Attorney Near Arcadia, AZ

Selecting the right living will lawyer to handle your living will is vital to ensure that your document is legally valid and precisely reflects your desires. The Law Office of Libby Banks suggests beginning by researching and comparing prospective lawyers in the Arcadia region. You can seek recommendations from friends or family or browse online reviews. It’s also crucial to take into account the attorney’s knowledge and experience in estate planning, wills, living wills, and other relevant areas such as guardianship, powers of attorney, and tax concerns.


After you’ve compiled your choices, arrange an initial consultation to discuss your requirements and assess if the attorney is suitable for your circumstances. During this meeting, you can also ask about the attorney’s experience in handling unique family situations, like blended families or divorce, and how these scenarios may influence your estate plan.

Understanding Legal Expenses

The expense of engaging a living will attorney can differ based on various factors, including the intricacy of your case, the attorney’s experience, and the range of services needed. Some attorneys might charge a fixed fee for drafting a living will, while others could invoice on an hourly basis. We aim to offer cost-effective and transparent pricing for our clients. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your specific needs and provide an estimate of our service costs, taking into account all facets of your estate plan.

Essential Legal Criteria for a Living Will in Arizona

In Arizona, specific legal prerequisites must be fulfilled for a living will to be deemed valid. You must be mentally competent and a minimum of 18 years old when crafting the document. The living will should be written and include your full name, date of birth, and an explicit declaration of your medical preferences. Furthermore, it must be signed by you or another individual acting on your behalf in your presence, and it has to be witnessed by at least one adult who is neither involved in your care nor a healthcare provider. In some instances, notarizing the document may serve as an additional method for validation.


It’s important to note that while the information presented in this article is accurate at the time of publication, it is crucial to consult with a skilled attorney for advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Laws and regulations can change over time, and each situation is different. This article should not be regarded as legal advice, and it does not replace personalized guidance from our knowledgeable attorney.

Common Pitfalls When Drafting a Living Will

There are several common pitfalls to sidestep when drafting a living will, such as neglecting to update the document regularly, employing vague or uncertain language, not discussing your preferences with family members or medical providers, and not complying with state legal standards. Also, failing to contemplate the implications of divorce, child support, and guardianship issues when creating your living will can result in complications later on. By collaborating with our proficient team of lawyers at The Law Office of Libby Banks, you can circumvent these pitfalls and guarantee that your living will is legally enforceable and accurately represents your desires.

Getting Ready for Your Appointment


Before your appointment with our living will attorney, it’s crucial to collect pertinent personal and medical data. Contemplate your preferences regarding medical care, such as life-prolonging treatments, pain control, and organ donation. Note down any matters you’d like to discuss or concerns you may have, and inform your loved ones of your intention to establish a living will. Be ready to discuss any distinctive family situations, like divorce or blended families, that might impact your estate plan. This preparation will contribute to a fruitful and effective consultation with your lawyer.

What Can You Expect From Our Living Will Attorney?

Working closely with our skilled living will lawyer can result in several favorable outcomes. First of all, you’ll possess a legally enforceable living will that accurately conveys your healthcare choices. You’ll also gain increased assurance in the living will’s precision and efficacy. Moreover, you’ll have a better comprehension of Arizona’s living will regulations and stipulations, decreasing the possibility of disputes or legal challenges concerning your living will.


Additionally, partnering with a living will lawyer can assist you in creating a comprehensive estate plan that addresses other vital concerns, such as guardianship, powers of attorney, and tax planning. In the end, this can offer you and your family peace of mind, knowing that your desires will be honored in the event of incapacity and that your estate will be managed according to your preferences.


Our devoted team of estate planning lawyers is committed to assisting clients in Arcadia and the surrounding areas of Phoenix, AZ, in crafting thorough living wills that honor their medical preferences and end-of-life choices. By engaging our experienced team, you can confidently and effortlessly navigate the living will process, ensuring all aspects of your estate plan are covered, including tax planning, guardianship, and powers of attorney. If you’re prepared to begin crafting your living will, arrange a consultation with our law firm today. You can connect with us by phone at 602-375-6752 or browse our website, libbybanks.com, for additional information on our practice and services. We offer new clients a free initial consultation, so you can acquire the knowledge and advice necessary to make the best choices for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can your lawyer assist me in appointing an agent to handle my affairs if I’m unable to do so myself?

A: Absolutely, our lawyers can aid you in appointing an agent using legal documents such as powers of attorney and healthcare proxies. These documents enable you to assign a reliable individual to oversee your financial, legal, and medical affairs if you become incapacitated.


Q: What estate planning options does The Law Office of Libby Banks offer?

A: Our team of skilled lawyers can guide you through various estate planning alternatives, including last will and testament, living wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and guardianship agreements. We customize our services to suit your specific requirements and objectives, ensuring a thorough and efficient estate plan.


Q: Are there any disclaimers regarding the information on your website?

A: Yes, kindly note that while the information in our articles is accurate at the time of publication, it should not be regarded as legal advice. Laws and regulations may change, and the situation of every client is distinct. It is crucial to consult a qualified lawyer for guidance on your particular matter.


Q: Is estate planning important for everyone or only for people with substantial wealth?

A: Estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of their estate’s size. A carefully designed estate plan ensures your wishes are honored both during your lifetime and after your death. It also safeguards your loved ones and offers direction on crucial decisions concerning your assets, healthcare, and beneficiaries.


Q: What does “sound mind” entail in the context of creating a living will or estate plan?

A: Being of sound mind implies that an individual possesses the mental capacity to comprehend and make informed decisions about their estate plan. They must understand their assets, the intentions they want to express through their estate plan, and the consequences of their choices.


Q: Can The Law Office of Libby Banks help with designating beneficiaries and making sure my assets are distributed according to my preferences?

A: Yes, our lawyers can assist you in naming beneficiaries for your assets and developing an estate plan that accurately conveys your wishes. With our guidance, you can guarantee the comfort and peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for as you desire.


Q: Can a living will address end-of-life care and healthcare preferences during my lifetime?

A: A living will is a legal document that outlines your preferences for medical treatments and end-of-life care if you’re unable to express your wishes. By having a living will, you can ensure your healthcare choices are respected, and your family members and physicians have clear direction throughout the process.

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