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At The Law Office of Libby Banks, located near Paradise Valley, AZ, we acknowledge the crucial role estate planning plays in securing your family’s future. Developing a detailed and legally enforceable last will and testament is imperative to ensure the efficient allocation of your assets, monetary resources, and personal effects to your next of kin. The following information will explore the core components of a will, providing valuable insights and directions to streamline the process. We aim to deepen your understanding of estate planning’s relevance and show how our expertise can contribute to your sense of security.

Drafting Your Last Will and Testament

Starting the composition of your will requires you to identify yourself and articulate your goals. As competent attorneys serving Paradise Valley, Arizona, we’ll facilitate the process of clarifying the document’s objectives, ascertaining your mental soundness, and invalidating any prior wills or codicils. This approach guarantees that your definitive testament receives legal recognition in probate court and that your requests are honored following your death.

Executor of the Estate

Identifying a responsible executor is indispensable for the effective supervision of your estate. We will counsel you in selecting the right person to manage your assets and carry out your directives as set forth in the will. Our legal experts will also help you address any financial compensation for the executor’s role and furnish them with the vital information to successfully navigate the Arizona probate process.

Recipients of the Estate

The Law Office of Libby Banks will collaborate with you to identify the heirs of your estate, ensuring your assets, finances, and personal effects are distributed in line with your wishes. Our experienced attorneys will guide you in outlining any terms or restrictions associated with the inheritance and adding provisions for backup beneficiaries if the primary beneficiaries pass away before you.

Asset Allocation

The process starts with a thorough inventory of your assets, including real estate, financial accounts, personal property, and other valuable assets. We then supply a checklist detailing how to distribute these assets among your beneficiaries using methods such as beneficiary deeds, payable on death designations, and transfer on death designations, among others, while ensuring any special bequests to individuals or organizations are considered.

Property Management

Dealing with property management is an integral part of estate planning. The Law Office of Libby Banks will guide you through the control and conveyance of real property, addressing any co-owned property and rights of survivorship. We will also integrate provisions for property sales, if necessary, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free transfer of your real estate holdings to your family.

Debt Settlement

Our comprehensive estate planning services involve addressing your concerns about the settlement of any existing debts, expenses, and taxes. After your death, we ensure that your executor is provided with the necessary knowledge to handle your liabilities in compliance with Arizona law. We also furnish instructions for dealing with any debt that can’t be settled from the estate’s assets during the probate or estate administration process.

Funeral Preparations

Taking care of your funeral, burial, or cremation arrangements is an important part of the estate planning process. Our caring attorneys will help you specify your desired arrangements and note any pre-funded funeral plans or insurance policies. We will also direct your executor to pay for funeral expenses from the estate’s assets, reducing financial strain on your family during a trying time.

Appointment of Guardian for Minors

Appointing a guardian is critical if you have minor children. Our team will guide you in choosing a fitting guardian and an alternate, as well as providing provisions for the financial care and support of your children. We understand that this decision is deeply personal and commit to assisting you at every step.

Creating Power of Attorney

Establishing a power of attorney allows a dependable individual to make decisions on your behalf in the event you become incapacitated. Our attorneys will assist you in selecting an appropriate agent and detailing the powers assigned to them, encompassing financial and medical decision-making. We will also discuss any limitations or restrictions on the agent’s authority, ensuring your wishes are honored when you cannot make decisions yourself.

Incorporation of Final Wishes and Directives

The Law Office of Libby Banks will work with you to incorporate any supplementary instructions, wishes, or expressions in your last will and testament. This may involve provisions for digital assets and online accounts, as well as any other personal desires. Our team will closely collaborate with you to ascertain that your specific wishes are accurately expressed, and your will represents a thorough and legally binding document.


We are dedicated to providing custom-tailored estate planning services to our clients. Our proficient attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of Arizona probate law and are devoted to helping you construct a will that precisely reflects your wishes while safeguarding your family’s future.


Whether your needs involve a simple will or a more complex estate plan with trusts, our team is prepared to help. We offer consultations to accommodate your unique requirements, address your concerns, and steer you through the process. Our goal is to simplify estate planning while guaranteeing your assets, property, and loved ones are cared for according to your preferences.

Should you or a loved one require estate planning services in Paradise Valley, or neighboring areas, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Law Office of Libby Banks. Our skilled and compassionate team is eager to help you make educated decisions and establish a last will and testament that prevails in probate court, ensuring a trouble-free transition for your family and friends. Contact us now at 602-375-6752 or visit our website, libbybanks.com, to schedule a consultation and begin fortifying your family’s future.

Last Will and Testament FAQs

Q: How vital is it to have a lawyer participate in the estate planning process?

A: Including a lawyer in the estate planning process ensures your will is legally sound and accurately represents your wishes. Our experienced estate planning attorneys can offer valuable guidance, help resolve potential concerns, and develop a comprehensive document that can withstand probate court, offering peace of mind for you and your family.

Q: What responsibilities does a trustee or executor have in estate planning?

A: A trustee or executor’s role is to manage the deceased’s assets and carry out their wishes as specified in the will or trust. They are in charge of distributing assets, paying outstanding debts, and administering the estate appropriately. Our knowledgeable estate planning attorneys can provide guidance and support in choosing a suitable executor and equipping them with the necessary information to navigate the probate process.

Q: Is it possible for your estate planning attorneys to help with the guardianship of minor children?

A: Yes, our estate planning attorneys can provide guidance and support in naming appropriate guardians for minor children. We can help you evaluate various factors, such as the child’s relationship with the guardian, the guardian’s ability to offer financial care and support, and any alternate guardians if the primary guardian cannot fulfill their obligations.

Q: How can your estate planning attorneys offer assistance in situations with multiple beneficiaries?

A: When dealing with multiple beneficiaries, our estate planning attorneys can provide valuable advice to the executor in dividing assets equitably and in line with the testator’s preferences. We can also help address potential issues or conflicts between beneficiaries, ensuring the estate is distributed efficiently and without unnecessary delays.

Q: What actions should be taken if there are problems or disputes concerning a will's content?

A: If issues or disagreements arise related to a will’s content, it is crucial to seek the advice of experienced estate planning attorneys, such as The Law Office of Libby Banks. We can help you navigate the legal complexities, provide guidance on how to address the situation, and ensure that your rights are protected.

Q: When planning for one's own passing, what factors should be considered?

A: When planning for your own passing, it is essential to consult with knowledgeable estate planning attorneys who can guide you through the process. We can help you create a comprehensive will, designate guardians for minor children, appoint a suitable trustee or executor, and address any other issues or concerns that may arise. By working with our qualified firm, you can ensure that your family members are cared for and your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

About Paradise Valley, AZ

Paradise Valley, Arizona, located in Maricopa County, is renowned for its luxury resorts and captivating desert scenery. The community is framed by distinctive natural landmarks, with Camelback Mountain to the south, Phoenix Mountain Preserve to the west, and McDowell Mountains to the northeast. The town’s architectural design reflects its natural surroundings, with homes and commercial buildings showcasing hues that mirror the desert landscape.


Paradise Valley offers numerous recreational opportunities. There are hiking and nature trails throughout the nearby mountains, providing access to the area’s stunning vistas and diverse wildlife. Paradise Valley is home to some of the region’s most luxurious resorts that boast top-tier spas and golf courses, including the notable Paradise Valley Country Club. Cultural enthusiasts will appreciate local attractions such as Barry Goldwater Park and the Cosanti Originals gallery, which features the work of the celebrated architect Paolo Soleri. The town’s culinary scene is also impressive, offering a range of upscale dining experiences that cater to diverse palates. Paradise Valley, with its mix of natural beauty and high-end amenities, provides a unique and sophisticated Arizona experience.


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