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Upcoming Event: Intentional Aging, Presented by Panel of Experts With Attorney Travis Meyers

As we age, we start to wonder about the future. We wonder if we are destined to get dementia. We wonder if we have properly prepared for retirement, or what will happen if we cannot handle our own affairs. We wonder what our healthcare will look like. Instead of wondering, join our panel of experts in learning how to age intentionally and take action to care for your future self now. Our very own Travis Meyers, estate planning attorney, will be on the panel for this event. He will discuss how you can strategically plan for managing your finances and healthcare...

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Shepston Law Firm Is Joining The Law Office of Libby Banks

The following announcement was recently made in our newsletter: Dear Shepston Law Firm Clients, It is with excitement and some sadness that Allyson Shepston Bibler announces the closing of her law firm to take an extended sabbatical. As always, her first and foremost priority is her clients. After much deliberation, Allyson has transferred all client files to The Law Office of Libby Banks, PLLC to permit continued access and ongoing client care. Allyson has known Libby for years and both are WealthCounsel estate planning attorneys. While the Law Office of Libby Banks, PLLC is willing to maintain your file and assist you...

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New Year, New You?

If it’s one thing we might all agree on, it is that we are ready to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome a New Year! With the new year comes resolutions: goals for weight loss, for personal improvement, for career advancement, maybe even to put an estate plan in place. Often, though, our New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside before Groundhog Day. If we want this to be different, we must take a different approach. One way is to think of the resolution not as an ultimate goal to be achieved, but as habits to put in place that will lead...

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Estate Planning during the pandemic

The need for Estate planning has become more apparent than ever due to COVID-19. People who have not considered what might happen if they become seriously ill or incapacitated are appreciating the benefits of an estate plan. An estate plan can provide significant peace of mind by ensuring someone can take care of you – and your finances – if you become ill. It also ensures your assets are protected and passed on according to your wishes. Estate planning is often a difficult topic to broach, as it brings the unpleasant topics of illness and death to the forefront of our minds....

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The Importance of Estate Planning with a Professional

By Michelle Talsma Everson Attorney Libby Banks is passionate about a unique area of law—so passionate in fact, it’s what she focuses on exclusively. Banks’ area of expertise is estate planning, probate and trust administration. Essentially, she helps clients of all ages plan for what happens to their estates if they are incapacitated or after they pass away. It’s an important topic that many may not realize impacts not only them but their loved ones as well. “I’ve been an attorney for many years, and about 10 years ago, I began working with another attorney who specialized in the big probate fights...

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Estate Planning in This Time of Uncertainty

I am writing this in mid-March, for publication in April, not knowing what the next thirty days may bring. COVID-19 is an uncertain virus that our scientists are still figuring out. Many of you are sheltering in place, avoiding any public meetings and keeping social distance even from family to protect those who are vulnerable. Many are also thinking about estate planning, but not wanting to proceed because they don’t want to leave home. Because of that, we are offering online meetings through Zoom or via Facetime. This system allows us to talk with you face-to-face to begin an estate plan...

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What’s the Best Valentine’s Gift for Your Family?

Best Valentine’s Gift for Your Family

With Valentine’s Day here, I’ve been wondering how to show my family I love them. Of course, estate planning was one of my first thoughts (right after chocolate)! Estate planning truly is a gift to your family and loved ones. A proper estate plan makes it easier on your loved ones if you become incapacitated and when you are no longer here. Without a cohesive and thoughtful estate plan, you may leave a gigantic mess that your family may have to spend huge sums of money and lots of time and effort to clean up. If you are incapacitated, they will have...

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