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The Law Office of Libby Banks is your trusted companion in the journey of financial and estate planning in North Phoenix, AZ. We employ our expertise to guide our clients in navigating the intricate pathways of life’s uncertainties. Our dedication extends to assisting you with the complexities of estate planning, covering areas such as wills, trusts, power of attorney, and much more.

Range of Services We Provide

Our services cover a comprehensive range of fields, including but not limited to, crafting wills, setting up A-B trusts, power of attorney arrangements, asset protection, guardianship and conservatorship matters, elder law, retirement planning, and long-term care planning. Furthermore, our specialties extend to life insurance, health care directives, special needs planning, charitable giving, and business succession planning. Regardless of the service, we focus on one goal – safeguarding your assets, upholding your rights, and planning a secure future for your loved ones.

What is an A-B Trust?

An A-B trust, also known as a bypass or credit shelter trust, is a valuable tool for married couples seeking to minimize estate taxes and retain control over their assets. This trust earns its name from the ‘A’ Trust (the “Marital” or “Survivor’s” Trust), and the ‘B’ Trust (the “Bypass” or “Credit Shelter” Trust) – the two portions created when the first spouse passes away.

In this trust arrangement, the death of the first spouse triggers the separation of the estate into two trusts. The ‘A’ trust holds assets for the surviving spouse’s benefit, while the ‘B’ trust hosts assets up to the amount of the estate tax exemption. Any surplus estate assets are also assigned to the ‘A’ trust. The assets within the ‘B’ trust can appreciate over time and can be passed on to heirs without incurring estate taxes.

Our A-B trust lawyers stand out because we offer more than just estate management. We strive to understand your requirements, the needs of your family, and your future goals. Our comprehensive services, vast experience, and client-centric approach have earned us a reputation as reliable trust lawyers in North Phoenix.

Initiating Your Trust

The initiation of an A-B trust in Arizona requires strategic planning. The process begins with developing the trust document, in which you include all necessary details regarding the trust’s operation. The subsequent duty involves selecting a reliable trustee, usually the surviving spouse in an A-B trust scenario, to administer the trust according to your desires. The concluding task is to transition your assets into the trust. Considering the complex nature of the task, our advice is to work with the experienced estate planning attorneys at The Law Office of Libby Banks.

Advantages of the Trust

An A-B trust brings several advantages to the table for couples in Arizona. First and foremost, it can effectively diminish your estate tax liability. The partitioning of combined assets into two trusts after the first spouse’s demise allows each partner to fully utilize their individual estate tax exemption. In addition, the trust ensures the financial stability of the surviving spouse while retaining control over the distribution of assets. Furthermore, it facilitates probate avoidance, which saves your beneficiaries both time and resources.

The Trust’s Limitations

While the benefits of the trust are noteworthy, it’s essential to comprehend its limitations. The trust structure can be somewhat complicated, potentially leading to higher administrative costs compared to simpler trust models. Furthermore, the surviving spouse may encounter restrictions in accessing assets within Trust B. For couples whose estate’s worth falls below the federal estate tax exemption limit, this type of trust may not offer significant benefits.

Eligible Assets

Your trust can encompass a variety of assets such as real estate properties, bank accounts, stocks, and other valuable possessions. To include any asset, you must formally transfer it into the trust.

Avoiding Probate Proceedings through the Trust

One significant benefit of a trust is its ability to bypass probate. Assets held within the trust can be directly transferred to the beneficiaries, circumventing probate. This accelerates the distribution process and reduces probate expenses.

Tax Considerations

The main tax advantage of the trust is the ability to fully exploit both spouses’ estate tax exemptions. However, it’s also crucial to understand the potential implications for capital gains taxes, particularly regarding the step-up in basis rules.

We know that estate planning can be intricate, but we’re here to help you navigate your options and assist you in making educated decisions. Whether you’re establishing a trust, crafting a will, assigning power of attorney, or utilizing any other estate planning tool, we’re committed to supporting you. Contact us today for a consultation and let’s safeguard what’s most important to you.

Professional Team Serving North Phoenix, AZ

Ensuring our clients receive top-notch service, The Law Office of Libby Banks offers professionals well-versed in numerous areas of estate planning, including A-B trust management. Our integrated approach helps in the meticulous management of assets while safeguarding your loved ones. Connect with us today for more information or a personalized consultation concerning your situation at 602-375-6752 or via libbybanks.com. Our experts stand ready to ensure your estate’s longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is a bypass or A-B trust?

A: A bypass or A-B trust refers to an estate planning instrument predominantly utilized by married people. Upon the death of one spouse, the trust is bifurcated into two sections: Trust A (Survivor’s Trust) and Trust B (Bypass Trust), facilitating maximum utilization of each spouse’s individual estate tax exemption.

Q: What steps are required to establish an A-B trust in Arizona?

A: The process of establishing an A-B trust in Arizona includes drafting a trust document, designating a trustee, typically the surviving spouse, and moving assets into the trust. Given the complexities and compliance requirements inherent to the process, we suggest seeking advice from the expert estate planning attorneys at The Law Office of Libby Banks.

Q: What advantages does an A-B trust offer?

A: A-B trusts provide numerous benefits such as potential estate tax reduction by fully employing both spouses’ estate tax exemptions. They also facilitate avoidance of probate and ensure financial stability for the surviving spouse.

Q: What are the drawbacks of an A-B trust?

A: The main drawbacks associated with an A-B trust involve potentially increased administrative expenses and certain limitations on the surviving spouse’s access to the assets contained in Trust B.

Q: Are all assets permissible for inclusion in an A-B trust in Arizona?

A: Yes, a wide range of assets such as property, bank accounts, stocks, and other valuables and money can be included in your A-B trust. However, you must take formal steps to transfer these assets into the trust.

Q: How can an A-B trust assist in avoiding probate in Arizona?

A: A-B trust allows assets within the trust to pass directly to the beneficiaries, thereby bypassing the probate process. This characteristic not only hastens the distribution process but also minimizes probate expenses.

Q: Is it possible to alter the terms of an A-B trust?

A: While Trust A permits certain modifications during the surviving spouse’s lifetime, changes to Trust B are typically limited due to its irrevocable nature after the first spouse’s demise. For questions regarding trust alterations, it’s advisable to consult with our estate planning attorneys.

Q: How does an A-B trust correspond with a health care directive?

A: An A-B trust primarily addresses financial assets, whereas a health care directive pertains to medical decision-making when you’re incapacitated. Both are key components of an all-encompassing estate plan.

Q: Does the trustee manage a health care directive?

A: Generally, no. While the trustee of your A-B trust handles your financial matters, a separate individual, often called a health care proxy or agent, is typically tasked with executing the instructions in your health care directive.

Q: How do I ensure adherence to tax regulations when setting up an A-B trust?

A: It’s crucial to seek professional counsel to ensure your A-B trust adheres to the prevailing tax laws and guidelines. Our estate planning attorneys are well-versed with these requirements and can steer you through the process.

Q: How can an A-B trust safeguard my children's inheritance?

A: An A-B trust aids in securing your children’s inheritance by separating the assets of the first spouse to pass away (Trust B) and reserving them for the beneficiaries, generally the children.

Q: In case of a divorce, what happens to the assets in the A-B trust?

A: In a divorce scenario, the terms of an A-B trust might require revisions, contingent on your specific situation. It’s best to consult our estate planning attorneys to understand the necessary adjustments and steps.

Q: For those interested in A-B trusts, in which locations does The Law Office of Libby Banks provide services?

A: The Law Office of Libby Banks extends its expertise to a variety of locations, including North Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding communities in the greater Phoenix area. To schedule an appointment or to find out more about our services in these areas, we encourage you to give us a phone call at 602-375-6752 or visit libbybanks.com.

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