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Embarking on the journey of estate planning can often be overwhelming, especially when it involves decisions about wills, trusts, power of attorney, and asset protection. For our clients residing in Carefree, AZ, feeling uncertain about these choices, The Law Office of Libby Banks stands ready to guide you. Our professionals possess the expertise and dedication to offer tailored services addressing all your estate planning needs. Trust our law team to provide clarity and confidence in creating the perfect estate plan for you.

Services We Offer

Our office provides an array of services, extending beyond the creation of wills and trusts. At The Law Office of Libby Banks, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services that include power of attorney, asset protection, guardianship, elder law, conservatorship, and special needs planning. We also delve into critical areas like life insurance, healthcare directives, long-term care planning, retirement planning, philanthropy, and business succession planning. Regardless of the service, our purpose remains consistent: preserving your wealth, safeguarding your rights, and preparing for the future of your loved ones.

The Basics of an A-B Trust

A tool of high sophistication in estate planning, the A-B trust, also referred to as a bypass or credit shelter trust, is commonly employed by married couples to curtail estate taxes and retain asset control. Its name stems from the two parts it divides into upon the demise of the first spouse: the ‘A’ Trust, alternatively known as the “Marital” or “Survivor’s” Trust, and the ‘B’ Trust, also referred to as the “Bypass” or “Credit Shelter” Trust.

In an A-B trust, when one spouse dies, the estate splits into two trusts. The ‘A’ trust holds assets meant for the surviving spouse’s benefit, and the ‘B’ trust encompasses assets equivalent to the estate tax exemption limit. Any leftover estate assets get transferred to the ‘A’ trust. The ‘B’ trust assets can gain value over time and be passed onto the heirs without incurring estate taxes.

We firmly believe in the impact our A-B trust attorneys can make. Our focus extends beyond mere estate management and delves into comprehending your needs, the needs of your family, and your future goals. Choosing to work with us brings you the advantages of our all-encompassing services, our wealth of experience, and our personalized approach tailored to each client’s distinct situation. These strengths contribute to our formidable reputation in Carefree as dependable trust lawyers.

Organizing Your Trust

Organizing an A-B trust in Arizona demands meticulous planning. It begins with the crafting of the trust document, which specifies in detail the trust’s operating rules. The subsequent step involves appointing a reliable trustee, usually the surviving spouse in an A-B trust, to manage the trust according to your requirements. The concluding act involves transferring your assets into the trust. Due to the complexities involved, our advice is to engage the estate planning attorneys at The Law Office of Libby Banks.

Advantages of the A-B Trust

The trust provides several benefits, particularly for couples in Arizona. Primarily, it can potentially mitigate your estate tax obligations. By dividing your joint assets into two trusts upon the first spouse’s death, each of you can maximize your individual estate tax exemption. Furthermore, it ensures financial security for the surviving spouse while retaining control over asset distribution. It also enables probate avoidance, conserving time and resources for your beneficiaries.

Understanding the Trust’s Limitations

Despite the significant benefits this type of trust offers, understanding its limitations is equally crucial. The trust structure can be intricate and may result in higher administrative expenses compared to simpler trusts. Furthermore, the surviving spouse may encounter restrictions in accessing the assets held in Trust B. Not all couples reap benefits from this trust, particularly if their estate’s worth is below the federal estate tax exemption threshold.

Assets for Inclusion

Your trust can accommodate a variety of assets, including real estate properties, bank accounts, stocks, and other valuable items. For each asset you aim to include, it needs to be formally relocated into the trust.

Probate Avoidance through the Trust

A key advantage is the ability to bypass probate. Assets in the trust can be directly transferred to the beneficiaries without undergoing probate, thereby accelerating the distribution process and cutting down on probate expenses.

Tax Considerations

The main tax advantage of the trust is the full utilization of both spouses’ estate tax exemptions. Nonetheless, it is also crucial to comprehend the potential influence on capital gains taxes, especially regarding the step-up in basis rules.

We recognize the complexity of estate planning, but we stand ready to help you navigate your choices and make informed decisions. Whether it’s establishing a trust, drafting a will, designating power of attorney, or utilizing any other estate planning tool, we are devoted to supporting you. Contact us today for a consultation and let’s safeguard what you hold dear.

Professional Team Serving Carefree, AZ

With a commitment to professionalism, The Law Office of Libby Banks boasts seasoned attorneys in estate planning. We specialize in multiple areas, including A-B trust management, to guarantee that your assets are managed correctly and your loved ones are secured. Reach out to our team for more information or a consultation tailored to your situation by dialing 602-375-6752 or via our website at libbybanks.com. Let our professionals assist in safeguarding your estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is an A-B Trust defined in the state of Arizona?

A: An A-B Trust, also known as a Bypass Trust, is an estate planning instrument used mainly by married couples in Arizona. It is divided into two trusts: Trust A, or the Survivor’s Trust, and Trust B, or the Bypass Trust, upon the death of one spouse. This arrangement allows each spouse to maximize their individual estate tax exemption.

Q: How do I establish an A-B Trust in Arizona?

A: The process to establish an A-B Trust in Arizona encompasses drafting a trust document, naming a trustee, typically the surviving spouse, and moving assets into the trust. Considering the complex nature and compliance requirements of the process, it is advisable to seek help from the experienced estate planning legal experts at The Law Office of Libby Banks.

Q: How does an A-B Trust benefit residents of Arizona?

A: A-B Trusts in Arizona offer numerous advantages, such as potential reduction in estate taxes by fully utilizing both spouses’ estate tax exemptions. They also facilitate probate avoidance and ensure the surviving spouse’s financial stability.

Q: What are the downsides of an A-B Trust in Arizona?

A: The primary downsides of an A-B Trust are the potential increase in administrative fees and certain access restrictions for the surviving spouse regarding assets in Trust B.

Q: Is it possible to include all types of assets in an A-B Trust in Arizona?

A: Various assets like real estate, bank accounts, stocks, and other valuable items can be included in your A-B Trust. However, each asset requires formal procedures to be transferred into the trust.

Q: How does an A-B Trust enable probate avoidance in Arizona?

A: Assets within an A-B Trust can be directly transferred to the beneficiaries, circumventing the probate process. This characteristic not only speeds up the distribution process but also minimizes probate costs.

Q: Is it possible to alter the terms of an A-B Trust?

A: Some modifications can be made to Trust A during the surviving spouse’s lifetime. However, alterations to Trust B are generally restricted due to its irrevocable nature after the first spouse’s death. For questions about trust modifications, we recommend consulting our estate planning attorneys.

Q: How is a health care directive in Arizona related to an A-B Trust?

A: While a health care directive focuses on medical decision-making in instances where you’re incapable of making those decisions, an A-B Trust is primarily concerned with financial assets. Both are vital components of a comprehensive estate plan.

Q: What is the role of a trustee in managing a health care directive?

A: Usually, a trustee of your A-B Trust doesn’t manage your health care directive. That responsibility falls to a separate individual, often referred to as a health care proxy or agent.

Q: How do I ensure tax compliance while establishing an A-B Trust?

A: To ensure that your A-B Trust adheres to current tax laws and regulations, it’s essential to seek professional advice. The estate planning lawyers at The Law Office of Libby Banks have the necessary knowledge and can guide you throughout the process.

Q: How can I safeguard my children's inheritance using an A-B Trust?

A: An A-B Trust is a tool to protect your children’s inheritance by segregating the assets of the first spouse to die (Trust B) and preserving them for the heirs, typically the children.

Q: In the case of a divorce, what will happen to the assets in an A-B Trust?

A: Should a divorce occur, the A-B Trust may require modifications depending on your particular situation. It would be best to reach out to our estate planning lawyers to discuss the necessary changes.

Q: What locations do you serve for consultations on A-B Trusts?

A: The Law Office of Libby Banks proudly offers our expert services to residents of Carefree, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas. If you’re interested in discussing an A-B Trust or any related matter, please give us a phone call. Our team is dedicated to assisting clients across these locations.

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