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Will Scottsdale

Will Scottsdale

The decision about whether to choose a will Scottsdale or a trust depends on your family situation and the types and location of your assets, among other things. The goals of estate planning are:

  • Control your property while you are alive and well.
  • Provide for yourself and your loved ones while you are incapacitated.
  • Give what you have to whom you want, the way you want and when you want.
  • AND – minimize court intervention, professional fees and taxes.

If you don’t have a plan, you (or your family when you are gone) can’t achieve these goals without spending money and time on court proceedings and legal assistance. Living Will Scottsdale

While each client is unique, our estate planning packages centered on a Last Will and Testament all have certain documents designed to achieve your estate planning goals. Our plans include:
  • Will(s) that ensure that all property is transferred to your chosen beneficiaries.
  • Comprehensive Nomination of Guardians for minor children that is effective during your lifetime (in case you become incapacitated) and not just upon your death.
  • Comprehensive Attorney-drafted Durable Powers of Attorney that allow your spouse or another trusted person to sign documents and handle financial matters for you. This document is particularly helpful if mental disability prevents you from managing your own affairs.
  • Advance health care directive(s), which give directions to physicians and family members regarding continuation of life support systems and other medical treatment preferences. We also register these with the Arizona Healthcare Directives Registry if you desire, so that the documents are always available to healthcare providers regardless of which hospital or care center you are admitted to.
  • Discussion concerning incapacity planning to ensure that you are protected in the event you become unable to manage your affairs for any period of time (incapacity is a major risk for everyone, regardless of age).
  • Assistance in helping you avoid court proceedings after your death (proceedings called Probate). We give you advice on how to avoid probate and draw up the documents necessary to assist in easing the transfer of your property after your death (necessary because a Will does not automatically transfer titled property such as your home and your vehicles).
  • Your three-ring Family Protection Plan Binder contains copies of all of your planning documents as well as informational documents and forms which can be completed regarding where assets are located, wishes for memorial services, and any other information which you consider to be pertinent. Your Binder is information central should your family face a crisis.
  • Peace of Mind Meetings. Any time you experience a major life event or feel the need to talk to an Attorney about a major and unexpected issue, you can call us and schedule a Peace of Mind meeting at no charge.

Living Will Scottsdale