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Estate Planning In Phoenix

Comprehensive Estate Planning In Phoenix

Phoenix Estate Planning

Comprehensive Phoenix Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning In Phoenix is highly customized to meet your unique family situation, assets, and personal goals and values. Our first meeting is complimentary, designed to give you a chance to get to know us and for Libby, our Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney, to get to know your situation and advise you on a plan to fit your needs.

Remember, you are not merely hiring someone to write your estate plan.  You are choosing a seasoned counselor and who will guide you through this often complex process and raise questions you may not have even considered.  You are picking an experienced professional who will create a plan that your family must live with after you’re gone.  And you’re choosing a trusted advisor whom your loved ones can depend on at a most difficult time.

Our Phoenix Estate Plans


  • Highly personalized service to ensure that your estate planning, maintenance and administration is always handled in a caring, efficient, cost effective manner
  • A revocable living trust agreement to eliminate probate and the need for conservatorship proceedings, and to direct the disposition of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries
  • Our carefully drafted trusts can reduce or eliminate estate tax and maximize protections for your heirs
  • Continuing trusts for your beneficiaries will ensure that your assets are protected for your children
  • Comprehensive nomination of guardians for minor children that is effective during your lifetime (in case of incapacitation) and not just upon your death
  • Comprehensive Durable Powers of Attorney to allow your spouse or another trusted person to sign documents and handle financial matters on your behalf.
  • Advanced health care directives to give directions to physicians and family members regarding life support and other medical treatment preferences
  • Thoughtful “Incapacity Planning” to assure that you are protected in the event you become unable to manage your own affairs
  • Funding support for your trust (includes transfer of your Arizona real estate, assistance with business transfers, attorney connections for out of state real property, and directions for transferring accounts at your bank, stock brokerage, insurance agent and other institutions where assets are located)
  • Our law office will provide you with a three-ring Family Protection Plan binder which contains copies of all your estate planning documents as well as information regarding where assets are located, directions for memorial services, and all other pertinent information
  • We offer all our valued clients PEACE-OF-MIND meetings at no additional charge. Any time you experience a major life event or feel the need to consult with an attorney about an unexpected issue, you can call us and schedule a peace-of-mind meeting at no charge.

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